About Us

The teamwork of this five optimistic and determined people successfully reaches their main goal to expand.Hardwork, honesty and courage make the small business winning its profit maximization within six months of operation. Fortunately they obtained the second shop at Virramall,Greenhills, San Juan with approximately fifteen (15) sq.m. which is enough for five (5) personnels. The third and bigger shop was opened by year 2000 in the other side of the first shop to accommodate the huge costumers from which the other shop cannot serve.

There is no specified target market for CTC because its market refers to all users of cellular phones. Absolutely the market is countless while the industry of telecommunication is becoming wider through the mobile communication equipment distributors and dealers all over the country. The services and products offered by CTC was modernized and timing for costumers satisfaction by continuous research and non stop learning process of communication technology of the proprietor.

For one and a half year of operation the CTC expanded and formed the Head Office at Jafer Place, #19 Eisenhower St.,North Greenhills,San Juan,M.M. to serve more Filipino people who has the enthusiasm to engaged in cellular phone services business. Many communication businessmen negotiates with CTC for technical support, and will be considered dealers then of the company. The proprietor’s goal of penetrating the market in the Philippines has no doubt because of these CTC dealers despite of arising numerous competitors in the city of Manila. Furthermore they are also the marketing arm of the company that holds the costumers in other parts of the country.

CTC gets its stability the following year through high quality service and good relation to customers. It was one of the first known cellphone service centre in Metro Manila and throughout the country. As a result the company accepted franchise for marketing and expansion program and by its name, there are 36 active franchise branches in the country.

Fortunately in the year 2003, Citylight Telecom Centre continues operation through the support of Franchisee and dealers while with increasing competitors in the country. Despite of some failing Franchise during the year, the count of branches is still the same - 35 franchise excluding the three shops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Today, CTC creates its own market with 34 branches through after sales service of different telecom products such as wireless broadband, fix wireless telephone (FWT) and Wimax electronic gadgets, from foreign suppliers such as Huawei Tech. Investment Co., Ltd., ZTE Corporation, TCT Mobile Int’l. Ltd., Wittis Int’l. and Lifeware International Inc. including with it’s operators namely Globe Telecom, Smart Communications, Inc., Bayan Telecommunications, Inc., Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. and PLDT. Moreover, Citylight engaged in distribution and after sales service of selected mobile brands such as Alcatel, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, Apple, Alcatel, Olive, Orion. To serve the increasing demand of subscribers and users for telecom gadgets CTC introduce the Express Repair on SM Malls.

Generally Citylight Telecom Centre is one of the outstanding communication service centers in the country.